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The name Abloy is an abbreviation of "Ab Lukko Oy", which, roughly translated from Finnish, means "lock company".Abloy's current lock cylinder is called the Protec2, and is considered to be almost impossible to pick.


Non-recyclable material were not used, and steel, where required was diamagnetico (without a magnetic field). The internal dividing walls are made of brown cork paneled on both sides in recycled wood plastered with slaked lime seasoned for three years. Windows are double glazed with low-emission glass (Ug = 1.1).

Also here the two chambers of the ‘Big Locks’ dating from 2014 are the most important ones for commercial shipping.

Just as in Brunsbüttel, a total of four lock chambers are available for shipping in Kiel-Holtenau – again, at least in theory. appreciates the Budget Committee’s decision to approve financing for a modification of Kiel Canal’s ‘Eastern Section’ between Kiel-Holtenau and Königsförde Siding.

Remote release kit for all Trilogy Cylindrical models includes the RR-1BUTTON for desk mount applications and RR-RECEIVER which is designed to be installed inside the battery compartment next to the battery pack of any cylindrical Trilogy lock.

The RR- RECEIVER connects to the 2 white remote release wires inside the battery compartment and to the black and red battery pack wires to power the receiver.

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