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Never mind that the Indian pantheon is crowded with unclothed deities, both male and female.Never mind that the painter has studied the Hindu epics in depth.For Darylmple, the paintings and the carvings challenge western ideas “of the relationship between spirituality and sexuality.” That’s because many of the murals show women and dancing girls some of whom are nude.Only in the western world, Darylmple suggests, do such sensual images tend to generate irreverent thoughts.

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The journey till date: April 2013– Participated in Saatchi global art showdown was selected to the top 300.

It began with a small ripple in a pond: an article in a little-known Hindi monthly from Madhya Pradesh, Vichar Mimansa, with the title, " Yeh chitrakar hai ya kasai? Never mind that this most innocuous of paintings of Goddess Saraswati, now being termed offensive, was done in 1976.

En route writ petitions were filed against the painter in four courts in Madhya Pradesh.

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