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Although, this possibility does exist, the rate of violent crime across the country has dropped significantly in the last twenty years.

The chance that a teen will ever come in physicalcontact with a sexual predator in their neighborhood is very low; let alone being snatched off the street—an occurrence that is extremely rare.

The child sitting on their bed now has a mobile device in their hands with Internet and social media access.

Our social media connected teen is now not only exposed to the people in their neighborhood, or just the people in the United States.

In my Cyber Safety parent workshop, I ask parents where is the safest place for their child to be?

After asking thousands of parents this question, I always hear the same answer: In their home.

The material has been obtained by hackers, posing as seductive women, to entice military secrets from the fighters through the use of malware.

The revelations are detailed by Fire Eye, a private company that provides cyber-security solutions to governments and corporations.

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