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One entree and one beverage is included with each event.First impressions are immediate and instinctual—a gut reaction that tells us whom to trust and whom to send down the trapdoor under their feet.Upon successful registration we will email you a confirmation with the event details.For questions about the Event email Amber, your Louisville Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call (859) 955-0141.(no extra cover if you stay afterwards for the DJ or music in the Tequila room, to play pool, or to just hang out until 4am!

The site describes such features as cost, matching processes, and privacy safeguards, but it's hardly exhaustive. The most instructive part is the comments from disgruntled consumers.Attendees had the opportunity to select from eight different “show and tell” demonstrations and, at a designated time interval, moved to another demonstration. Surveys and reflective assignments can be used to foster students’ metacognitive skill development and to check for conceptual understanding.This format is designed to encourage a high level of interaction between presenters and attendees. Using a course wiki can build collaboration in a large classroom and help students work well together.As class sizes increase, wikis offer the possibility of making large classes feel more intimate. A., Director, Standardized Patient Program Through the Standardized Patient Program, students interact with simulated patients to enhance their clinical skills.Considered together, these tools also help faculty gain important insights into their students’ thinking and learning. METI Learning Space helps students improve performance by obtaining faculty feedback on their history taking, physical exam, and clinical communication skills.

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