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"When I first read the scene I was irritated that I had no dialogue," Varma said of Ellaria's muffled protestations.

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Her ethnicity however is not official at this time. Her personal life is as perfect as her and her career.

It is like a piece of music and they know their score." Nevertheless, the decision to play Nadia, by far her largest leading theatre role to date, remains a forthright choice for both the actress and for director Jeremy Herrin. If you've got a long nose and big arse or something, people will go, 'She's strong, let's have her in that part.'" Rome secured her a ride, along with a lot of British actors, on the gravy train to American television, landing her a role opposite Stanley Tucci in the neurosurgery drama, 3lbs.

Varma, 34, has taken on her quota of vulnerable characters - a torture victim in Pinter's One for the Road, and a soldier's wife who eventually commits suicide in the BBC's blockbuster, Rome. Unfortunately, the show, named after the weight of the adult brain, was pulled last year after only six episodes."They screened it twice and then they go, 'It's not getting the viewing figures, let's pull it,'" she says.

The Vertical Hour, by David Hare, was the first play on Broadway to confront the morality of the invasion of Iraq.

Critics were united behind the idea that Hare gives all the best lines to Oliver, an anti-war GP from Shropshire, played with all his seductive languor by Bill Nighy.

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