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The Sharia Personal Status Law (PSL) regulates family affairs (including inheritance, marriage, divorce and child custody) for the majority of the population, namely the Sunni, Shia and Alawite Muslims.

An attempt to introduce a unified personal status code in 2009 failed due to criticisms from women’s rights activists (who saw the new law as retrogressive) and from Christians (who argued that it would remove authority from their respective churches.

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In the lead-up to International Youth Day, marked annually on 12 August, the United Nations kicked off a commemorative event at its New York Headquarters with a message from Secretary-General António Guterres, who underscored his commitment to young people.

It gained independence as a parliamentary republic on 24 October 1945 when Syria became a founding member of the United Nations, an act which legally ended the former French Mandate – although French troops did not leave the country until April 1946.

The post-independence period was tumultuous, and a large number of military coups and coup attempts shook the country in the period 1949–71.

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The churches that constitute the East Syrian rite include the Assyrian Church of the East, Ancient Church of the East, and Chaldean Catholic Church, whose followers mostly speak the Northeastern branch of East Aramaic.Your profile will also be displayed to other users in our network that have similar interests and location to you.By joining you agree to our Terms of Service, Online Chat City is part of the Online Connections chat network.Of the one million or more Iraqis reported by the United Nations to have fled Iraq since the occupation, nearly 40% were Assyrians even though Assyrians comprised only around 3% of the pre-war Iraqi demography.Due to the Syrian Civil War, however, many Iraqis, including Assyrians, have fled back into Iraq, specifically to northern Iraq and the part of the country controlled by the Iraqi government, with ISIS still in control of much of the Assyrian homeland.

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