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The funding relates to the International Marriage Broker Act (IMBRA), a law that makes it a crime for American citizens to communicate with foreigners if the Americans see the foreigners' profiles on dating sites. Yet the only government study shows that the abuse rate is 1/7th that of domestic marriages (

The only reason why I criticize this Regulation is because I believe it will not help better protection of foreign women.They signed to Columbia Records and achieved a Top 40 hit with "Naturally Stoned" in 1968, bringing the duo one-hit wonder status.During this time he worked as a truck driver to supplement his income. As a solo artist he released five records with Columbia.Earlier, the sponsors were caught using bogus July 2004, Gold Coast, Australia -- [Statement of Elena Petrova, Russian Brides Cyber Guide The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), was introduced in Congress in July 2003.Last week Senator Maria Cantwell, the sponsor of the Bill, testified before Foreign Relations Committee.

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