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In Germany, cabaret songs could be satirical, erotic or sentimental and later took on a strongly political slant Fernando Ortiz counted the presence of over one hundred different African ethnic groups in nineteenth-century Cuba, and estimated that by the end of that century fourteen distinct "nations" had preserved their identity in the mutual aid associations and social clubs known as cabildos, societies of free and enslaved blacks from the same African 'nation', which later included their Cuban-born descendants.

Soon after Emancipation in 1886, cabildos were required to adopt the name of a Catholic patron saint, to register with local church authorities and when dissolved, to transfer their property to the Catholic Church.

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Notes successively an octave higher have an addition horizontal line or stroke above them and are called two-lined, three-lined, and so on (again applied to the c and the six diatonic notes in each octave immediately above it)or afuche, rather like a spool with metal beads wound around it, it has a wooden handle and is played by twisting it in the air while striking it on the palm, or by rotating the beads back and forth in the palm of the hand(Italian f., from cobola meaning 'couplet') or cabbaletta, in nineteenth-century Italian opera, a short aria in rondo form, the last section of an operatic duet.

Initially, a simple animated operatic aria, then, finally, the fast concluding section of an operatic aria that brings an act to an end, requiring great accuracy and controla method of embedding hidden messages in music, by using a code of numbers based on which notes are used, their durations, arrangement, subdivision, etc., whereby the composer made symbolic referrence to specific persons, places, or things and/or events in some way associated with the music(Spanish, literally 'horse') often written a caballo, in Afro-Latin music it is used to describe a rhythmic accompaniment that resembles in feel the trotting of a horse; also used to describe the rhythmic accompaniment to the Pachanga style(Spanish m., German n., Italian m.

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According to Amazon, S3's design aims to provide scalability, high availability, and low latency at commodity costs.

There was also the US Civil War, during which Bermuda, for openly siding with the Southern States, feared post-war retribution or invasion. Hallewell, Flag Captain Sir Michael Seymour and Lieutenant General Gaspard Le Merchant Tupper (one of whose many Bermuda works is "The Admiral Going to Sea").

The British artists were sent to paint and thereby record vivid scenes of Bermuda as it underwent these changes. It was a special period in Bermuda's tourism from the 1860s, when a number of visitors, being artists, used their time in mostly the winter months in the very pleasant winter months compared to the snow and ice of much of the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe. Most were of the school of American impressionism, especially the Old Lyme School.

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S3 stores arbitrary objects (computer files) up to 5 terabytes in size, each accompanied by up to 2 kilobytes of metadata.

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