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The T-Series guitars were introduced in 1978, and the line expanded from three models up to a total of seven in five years.

In 1983, the product line changed, and introduced both the mildly wacky Mystic and Razer original designs (the Mantis was added in 1984) and the more conservative Patriot, Horizon, and Milestone guitars.

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He gained some recognition locally for the guitar amplifiers he built by hand while he was still in school, and decided months prior to college graduation to go into business for himself.

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The neck and body of the new bass were, of course, manufactured in the same manner as the T-40 and T-45, and its scale was also 34 inches.The T-40 had a 20-fret neck, while the T-45 had a 21-fret neck.Both instruments had the industry-standard scale of 34″.Interestingly, the T-45 (“Bass Space,” June ’03) wasn’t just a single-pickup variant of the T-40.The T-45’s solitary pickup wasn’t in the same location as one of the two pickups on a T-40, although the models had the same body style – in company literature, the pickup was described as “harmonically placed.” The T-45 had rear-loaded controls, no pickguard, and three knobs (for volume, tone, and midrange frequency rolloff) instead of the expected two knobs for volume and tone only.

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