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He decided to accept the challenge and wrote the song "I Will Be What I Believe." Of the experience, he wrote : "Throughout this whole process, I have come to love writing Primary songs.

They teach important gospel principles in simple terms and are... Wagner - A house of the Lord is always a beautiful sight, but add to it the brilliant colors of a new dawn or the close of a day, and you have something breathtaking.

Anciently, temples, tabernacles and other holy places were used by God to transmit gospel knowledge to His people through His prophets.They served together for several years and started wishing for new music to teach the Primary children.Kaicie suggested that her husband compose a Primary song since he had written a few songs in high school and on his mission.During the washing ordinance initiates receive new underclothing, known as garments, which they are to wear for the rest of their lives, both day and night.The LDS temple ceremony has many parallels to Masonic rites, and for good reason: Joseph Smith introduced the rites into the LDS temple about two months after becoming a Freemason himself, and fourteen years after his brother Hyrum and (possibly 34 years) after his father both became Freemasons.

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